Acne Rosacea and its variants—Ocular Rosacea and Rhinophyma—are best treated initially with strong antibiotics, such as minocycline, metronidazole or ivermectin. However, most cases that aren’t severe can be treated with OTC products. My recommendations are oral LOMA LUX Acne Pill ( and topical EPIONCE NUTRICEAUTICALS. Lytic Gel Cleanser is a great way to cleanse the pores to help treat and prevent Acne Rosacea. (See my ACNE blog for special cleansing instructions.) After cleansing twice daily apply Lytic Plus Lotion. Avoid other products (other than oil free makeup). See below for other product recommendations if you have overlapping components of Vascular Rosacea and/or Sensitive Skin Rosacea.

If you have Vascular and/or Sensitive Skin Rosacea, antibiotics won’t work. If your doctor makes this mistake, using either topical or oral antibiotics, you will know they aren’t very discerning. However, there is a topical prescription that often works in a safe way to “get the RED out”. This is Mirvaso R Cream. This is applied in the morning and gives about eight hours of consistent relief from the redness. (Don’t let your doctor treat you with strong topical corticosteroid creams. This will also get the red out for a few hours, but it has some serious side effects, such as cataracts, glaucoma and Angry Face Syndrome, which is a rebound worsening of the redness.

What are my best OTC recommendations for this type of Rosacea? LOMA LUX Eczema tablets help make the skin softer and less dry/sensitive prone. (See Topical EPIONCE products are IDEAL for calming inflammation and maintaining a healthy complexion. Gentle Foaming Cleanser once to twice daily is great for most people—but those with the worst sensitive complexions should use Milky Lotion Cleanser. Then after cleansing apply Balancing Toner twice daily. (You can spray it directly into your clean palm/fingers and then rub it on the face.) Immediately after this step apply Medical Barrier Cream lightly in AM and Intensive Nourishing Cream at bedtime.

Taking some practical steps can amplify the above therapeutics. Avoidance of certain foods (alcohol, cheese, hot food and beverages, etc) and environmental stress (heavy sun, wind, etc) and strong emotions (anger, stress, etc) can be helpful. Even something as simple as sucking on a cold drink or ice cubes during a hot or stressful event can dramatically take the RED out temporarily! Avoiding harsh or irritating exposures to the complexion is a necessary component of therapy. Avoid harsh acne products—even some mentioned in the Acne Rosacea section above may be too strong for the vascular/sensitive type.

You will be amazed after one to two months at your progress toward a normal complexion! Remember, be consistent and AVOID OTHER PRODUCTS. Keep all chemicals away from your face—even hair products. Keep your hands washed off so as not to transfer irritants by handling your face.

Wishing You All The BEST Health and Healing During The Holiday Season!!!
Steven A. Smith, MD
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