After writing my last blog, COVID-19 FRAUDULENT FEAR, many people have asked what they can do to proactively protect and even to fight against COVID-19. The truth is that many well-researched products with known anti-viral activity are readily available to all—OTC! A few prescription medications are not as well known for anti-viral activity, but are catching on during this pandemic. Let’s review some of the best known of these agents– IN THE ORDER OF THEIR EFFECTIVENESS.

DISCLAIMER: If you are pregnant, a young child under 12 years old, or have serious medical conditions, or uncertain, consult your health care provider.

1. Stamets 7 Natural Defense capsules. Very effective broad spectrum ant-viral activity. Works by enhancing cell mediated immunity. Available on line, 800# and in some retail stores. DO NOT TAKE IF ALLERGIC TO MUSHROOMS.
2. Vitamin D3. Check with your medical practitioner prior to taking high doses (5-10 thousand iu), especially if you have history of kidney stones or kidney failure.
3. Zinc 50mg or more daily, preferably associated with an organic moiety, such as picolinate, gluconate, etc . Take with meal or reduce to multiple smaller doses to avoid stomach intolerance in some individuals.
4. Vitamin C. Take with water to keep good hydration.
5. Other Good Anti-infectives, Some with Known Anti-viral activity: Elderberry, Ecchinacea, Olive Leaf Extract, Golden Seal Root, Sulfur (mineral, not antibiotic), Oregonol (Mediterranean Source P73).

1. ATEMISININ. This well known and well researched agent has known anti- viral activity against envelope viruses—which is the category COVID-19 fits in. It also enhances cell mediated immunity, intimately involved in killing viruses. THIS AGENT AND STAMETS 7 ABOVE ARE THE TWO MOST POWERFUL AGENTS KNOWN TO KILL THIS TYPE OF VIRUS. Do not take Atremisinin if you have a seizure history. Available from ALLERGY RESEARCH GROUP, providing high quality Artemisinin for many years.

1. Azithromycin. This common antibiotic (Z pack) possibly has antiviral activity, but certainly is useful during lower respiratory (lung) challenges to prevent and treat bacterial co-infections, which are common with viral pneumonia.
2. Hydroxychloroquine. One recent study showed activity of this agent to open cell membranes to Zinc entry into the cells. This helps kill viruses. This medication likely has multiple mechanisms of action. Many antiparasitics (this drug was developed to fight malaria) have antiviral activity also.
3. Budesonide nebulizer. This inhaled steroid is often used for asthma. It has been noted by some to be effective to help control the cytokine storm in severe lung involvement that characterizes COVID-19. If used early in the course of respiratory distress, Budesonide can reverse this often fatal cytokine storm. (OTC Quercetin can also help reduce this inflammatory lung reaction if given early.)

If your doctor will not even talk to you about options for treating Covid-19 in early stages, they are likely part of the socialized medical/industrial complex. These health providers/pharmacists and allied health workers are under duress to restrict
your care to the political model, often withholding proactive treatment, seeking to treat you as a Group, rather than as an Individual. You may want to proactively seek out a different provider, or a different health system approach—please see my
accompanying blog of July 20, 2020.

Therefore the bottom line in approaching this virus is four fold:
1. Get rid of fear and be FULL of Faith! Fear is designed to fuel this virus. Faith is designed to STOP it. Faith is the absence of fear and confidence in a loving, capable and willing Heavenly Father/ God to take care of you—no matter what happens.
2. Get some of the above anti-virals and anti-infectives on hand in case the virus symptoms onset. Even consider taking some of these daily as a preventative to strengthen your immune system defenses.
3. Live a healthy lifestyle. Exercise reasonably and regularly. Rest regularly. Get on good nutrition and get rid of excess sugar, alcohol, junk food and overeating.
4. Research and find a health practitioner who advocates the above ingredients and medications, as well as others, and is able to start treatment in the early stages of the virus. This is especially important if you are elderly or are in
poor health.

PLEASE TAKE THE ABOVE SERIOUSLY! There are many evidence-based treatments available for this pandemic. Don’t get sucked into socialized (Group Speak) medicine. You’re an Individual and need the best compassionate care available. Your life could depend on it. Also see my July 20, 2020 blog on this site for related information.

You CAN improve your health outcome greatly with planning, preparation and prayer!




Steven A. Smith, MD
Psalms 103


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