Last month I previewed oral Colostrum powder as the most powerful healing superfood/supplement for restoring the body to healthe and vitality. I discussed how gut/G.I. healing is directly connected to healing the skin. In fact I have seen Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis resolve with this simple approach. Also I have seen distinct antiaging effects with this approach erasing wrinkle lines and bringing a more yourthful appearance.

Most importantly the rich components of Bovine Colostrum powder include Immunoglobulins that help prevent and fight infections. Growth factors are present that will increase energy and help build strength. Protein Rich Peptides are also abundant in Colostrum which are anti-inflammatory. All of these health benefits compound over time. I have personally used this health product for 1.5 years, and can testify of all of these benefits—and better yet, NO RELAPSES OF CHRONIC LYME DISEASE!

If you would like to try this restorative product, just google Sovereign Labs. There are many manufacturers, but I believe this lab’s Liposomal Delivery system is the best absorbed and most bioavailable.

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Steven A. Smith MD, Dermatology
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