The skin and the gastrointestinal tract (GUT) are both lined with very similar cells and cell structures, called the epidermis (skin) and epithelium (gut). They have another similarity—both are packed with immune cells that are active in fighting off invaders. These are infectious agents, chemical toxins and early rogue cancer cells. Also the skin and gut play vital roles in immune defense against allergens—foreign protein molecules that can trigger allergic reactions. THIS IS A HUGE TOPIC: infections, toxins, cancers and allergies. How can the skin/gut connection play such an important role in preventing these maladies? One theory is the Leaky Gut Syndrome—and I might add The Leaky Skin Syndrome.

Both of these organs are large and contain the largest amount of fully active immune cells. When these two organs begin to malfunction, they begin to “leak”. What does this mean in practical terms? The “good guys” (important fluids and nutrient molecules) begin to leak out, and the “bad guys” (various microbes/infections, chemical toxins and allergens from the environment) begin to leak in. What can heal and reverse this common malfunction?

As we know there are many ways to cure disease. The best are the simple, yet comprehensive preventative ones. Most of you know that I tried many complex regimens for chronic Lyme disease. Some of these really helped, but only temporarily. THANK GOD for my daughter, Liana, who gave me a tip regarding the far-reaching immune building effects of oral Bovine Colostrum powder taken daily!!

With 1.5 years experience using Bovine Colostrum, I would like to add it to my other products that I have WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSED for the past 15 years: The EPIONCE line of skin care topicals. Please GOOGLE Sovereign Labs and study their info on Bovine Colostrum for a variety of health benefits. This is HUGE! I WILL PROVIDE MORE DETAILS SOON IN MY NEXT BLOG.

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