This blog deals with getting started on improving your cosmetic appearance. Mainly we are interested in the face and neck, however the backs of hands and the upper chest can be improved as well. We will be skipping the expensive painful procedures here—such as lasers and face lifts. So, what is the first step?

Botox is a simple, moderately expensive method that works great for most people over 40 years old. I have given Botox to my patients for almost 30 years now. Most are happy and return in 3-6 months for more, however some don’t want this recurring expense.

So, for most people concerned about a declining appearance, the best FIRST STEP is effective topical therapy—creams and lotions that really work to reduce wrinkle lines and sun spots. The very best products use natural, low side effect, active ingredients that are proven to work in independent studies on actual people.

The only company that fits all of the above criteria is EPIONCE. This is why I am so engaged with this high integrity company. And the BONUS is that the products are very cost effective also.

COMING SOON: Dr. Smith’s specific recommendations for refreshing your skin appearance. Some call this antiaging. I just call it COMMON SENSE!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology