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TOP 3 HEALTH TIPS FOR 2017, Plus a Valuable Cold Weather Skincare Tip

1. Value of Resting.

This is a portal into MORE productiveness. I have found in my life this has allowed me to get more done in less time. AND regular resting has increased my healthy longevity giving me more productive years.
Most importantly resting teaches us to honor God with our time. Exodus 20.

2. Power of Trust.

Eliminating fear and anxiety reduces stress, which improves overall health through immune system optimization. This reduces inflammation which is a major driver of most illnesses—especially pain and aging.
I have learned this through 40 years of taking care of patients. Spouses as well as parents and their children, employers and their employees can all benefit greatly by working to restore trust.

3. Importance of Giving.

Giving and receiving are tied together. I have a saying, “the more you give, the more you live.” Giving is active—just do it! Receiving/ living life to the full is receptive—we must be open to receive. A smile. Cash. An opportunity. Etc. You still have to work at receiving! Give it a try.

For dry itchy skin and rashes (Eczema, Dermatitis, Winter Itch, Psoriasis, Icthyosis, Etc.) TRY THIS:
1. BEFORE bathing or soaking put a generous coat of old fashioned Vasoline (petroleum jelly) on that troubled patch. Then get in and enjoy your bath or soak! Just before getting out use a gentle cleanser—white unscented Dove bar or liquid, liquid Cetaphil cleanser or Shaklee Basic H liquid are a few of the best.
2. Get out and immediately towel dry METICULOUSLY. (Most people don’t realize that evaporation of water lying on the skin is the worst thing they can do for troubled skin.)
3. Then immediately apply a cream that seals the outer barrier layer of the skin. This barrier layer has been broken and is not doing its job—that is to keep the harsh outside environment OUT, and to keep the gentle inside environment IN. So by applying a barrier cream, there is repair of that necessary protective function. Over time the full function and normal appearance of the skin will be reestablished.
My favorite barrier products are EPIONCE’S
—Extreme Barrier Cream for general body areas.
—Medical Barrier Cream for the hands, especially during the day. The hands get wet and suffer repeated harsh exposures during the day—even waterless sanitizers are brutal to the skin.
Once the skin heals and looks and feels normal again, it is vitally important to maintain susceptible areas, thereby preventing relapse. This can be done by continuing the same gentle cleanser, and by applying MEDICAL BARRIER CREAM after the bath and at least twice a day to the hands. MEDICAL BARRIER CREAM is the best way, when used on a daily basis, to maintain susceptible dry skin areas, keeping them healthy and preventing future rashes.

I hope this tutorial on Cold Weather Skin Care is helpful to you. Pass this advice along to someone who suffers—or to those who have children that suffer from skin disease. Help tame the inflammation!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Prayers
Combine the Healing Streams of Prayer and Medicine.
Ask GOD to Empower Each Application! HE will!!!

Update on Dr Smith’s Retirement Planning

After two years of planning I am finally at the threshold of retiring from full time dermatology! HOWEVER, I AM ONLY 63 y.o. and in good health, so I plan to remain ACTIVE with EPIONCE (topical skin care products—including some NEW exciting products on the horizon) and with PLYMOUTH HEALTHCARE (oral skin care products that my wife and I developed—including some NEW exciting developments). I also look forward to traveling, seeing my grandchildren more and doing some missions trips. Who knows? I may even do some part time dermatology in the future.

I look back on these 41.5 yrs since starting medical school and feel very blessed to have had a productive career—doing the things I enjoy the most—helping people and healing the sick! To my patients I say, “Thank you for the trust that you imparted into me that activated GOD’s healing works into your lives! Thank you for your faithfulness!!” To my wife, family, coworkers and friends I say, “You have contributed immensely to the many good deeds that have been done for so many people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for co-laboring with me as we asked God to multiply our efforts and bring more healing into patients’ lives!! You have been AMAZING!!! Your patience, your grit, your endurance to NOT give up, especially in the trying time, the difficult times. Thank you for your faithfulness!!!”

YES I am retiring from full time work in January 2017. HOWEVER, I am looking forward to an ACTIVE retirement! My MEDICAL HEALTH BLOGS WILL CONTINUE, as I try to pass on simple ways to obtain ALL HIS BENEFITS of health, healing and restoration (which includes anti-aging). I am looking forward to staying in touch with you about many more exciting healing breakthroughs and simple tips that will help you and your loved ones LIVE BETTER!


Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology

Psalms 103

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