This is a growing problem all throughout the world. It is an infection very similar to syphilis that can be transmitted by tick bite. I plan to do some blogs following this one on various tick borne infections.

Ticks are not only bothersome pests, but they are a breeding ground for an increasing number of dangerous infections for both man and animals. Think of ticks as an open sewer. Many of these infections have skin manifestations that can give important clues to the proper diagnosis. Early diagnosis is KEY to proper treatment, which can be lifesaving. Early treatment helps prevent chronic disabling symptoms from developing later—such as chronic fatigue, arthritis, immune system disorder, heart arrhythmias, headaches and various hypersensitivities, brain fog, dementia, neuropathy, and the list goes on and on. Thus, it is vital to be aware of the multiple dangers of tick bites!

In this blog I will describe Lyme Disease which was first discovered in the 1980’s. It is so new that we consider it an emerging disease with new information still evolving. Lyme is very common with over 200,000 new infections every year in the US. All regions are affected, with the highest incidence in the northeast and northcentral states. In future blogs we will describe other tick related infections — so called coinfections, such as Bartenella, Babesia, Erlichia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, etc.

Acute Lyme can be a violent illness with sudden onset of high fever, severe head and muscle pain, sweats and shakes. A peculiar bull’s eye type of rash occurs about 40% of the time. As the initial phase dies down, arthritis can develop in the subacute stage. But the worst part by far is what can happen in the chronic phase if proper early antibiotic treatment is not obtained, which is often lifelong. This occurs when the immune system is impaired and becomes dysfunctional. Multiple organ systems in the body are affected—heart, brain, peripheral nerves, muscles, joints, gut and skin, etc. Chronic skin sores can develop that are very bothersome and heal very slowly with scarring. New evidence now links Morgellan’s Syndrome to Chronic Lyme.

Finally, psychiatric illness can set in during latter stages of suffering. In fact chronic Lyme is so pernicious and difficult to diagnose and treat, that these patients are often suspected by doctors or even family of malingering, or worse yet, of even causing their own illness!

A century ago Syphilis had a very similar presentation, before an easy diagnostic test and a sure fire treatment (penicillin) were discovered. Interestingly both the bacterias that cause Lyme and Syphilis are related forms called spirochetes. Spirochetes are great imitators, because they invade so many organs in the body and can evade detection and eradication by sophisticated mechanisms such as biofilms, L-forms and cysts. Lyme Disease is still an emerging medical condition. Most doctors don’t know much about it. Even specialists are under informed—especially about Chronic Lyme. To get a more “Lyme Literate” viewpoint, watch the documentary UNDER OUR SKIN, and its’ sequel, on U-tube. You will be shocked at the degree of suffering that is often disregarded by the medical profession.


1. Get a Tick Lifter. This handy device is the best way to remove a tick after it’s embedded. Simple and safe. This can also be found under Tick Remover Pro-Tick Remedy.

2. Watch yourself and your loved ones carefully and frequently after outdoor excursions. Be thorough in your search for ticks. They can be as small as a pin head. They can crawl into crevices.

3. Get the ticks off EARLY! Within 12 hours is advisable to minimize risk of infection. However, if symptoms occur even with short exposure, see a doctor for therapy.

4. Finally, if you are a Chronic Lyme sufferer, there are a few “Lyme Literate” doctors that may be able to help, even in the worst cases. The International Lyme and related Diseases Society — ILADS — may be able to help locate knowledgable practitioners.


Dr Smith’s own personal story of his Chronic Lyme suffering and his miraculous outcome.



Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology

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