Hello everyone! This month of April has been crazy busy. Sorry for the lack of communication. I wrote a blog on a common skin infection, but I feel led to put that on hold and just speak from the heart this month. “Just a few words about life.”

I sit in my office and am surrounded by pictures, thanks to my wonderful wife of 43 years! Our three children have graced us with 8 awesome grandchildren, ages 3 months to 13 yrs. I can’t wait to go part time with dermatology — which I love to do — so I can spend more serious amounts of time with them! I always tell people that the best reason to have children is to be in the running to have grandchildren.

This is an incredible time of life to have playmates and best friends again!! Sometimes they even think you hung the moon!

But the really serious part of this life update is my #1 partner — JESUS!!! I just want to tell you that everything in my life revolves around Him. There is constant prayer and integration of God (Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit who are ONE) into my life’s thoughts, activities and emotions. My relationships are richer, purer and much more long lasting with Him leading, guiding and infusing His Grace into them.

Readership, there IS a Tree of Life for YOU and YOURS! His name is JESUS. If you invite Him into your life (Heart), He will come in and give you PEACE, Joy and Right Standing with God. This is the main Paycheck! The benefit package is GREAT also—Psalms 103.

I hope this helps someone. Medicine is all about helping and healing and compassion and empathy. That’s why I’m in it. Please let me know if this helped you in any way.

Thank you,

Steven A. Smith, MD

Psalms 103
All His Benefits