Often when I am with my wife in public, people ask me, “How does she keep her skin looking so youthful?”  I just smile and chuckle saying, “Well, you see she is married to a dermatologist!”

What about all the Botox and Juvaderm and fillers and peels and lasers?  Yes, she has had some over the years, but she doesn’t use them now. Her SECRET?  Preventing sun damage and regular use of EPIONCE facial rejuvenation skin care!


No matter how hard you try to reverse damage, it’s far easier to prevent damage to your skin. Sun exposure causes cellular damage that accumulates and accelerates the aging  process.  I often show a patient their upper inner arm near the armpit. This demonstrates the goal–youthful vigorous skin at any age–minus sun damage!

Common sense sun protection is SIMPLE!
#1. Habitually avoid the most damaging direct rays altogether by planning indoor activities from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. everyday. Train yourself to perform outdoor activities in the morning as well as late afternoon and evenings.
#2. Use the RIGHT sun protection outside. Hats that have a broad brim on all sides are best. I like sunblocks that have a healthy moisturizer built into the SPF–sun protection factor–like EPIONCE Daily Shield 30 for the winter time and EPIONCE Daily Shield 50 for summer time. (You, however, may need the 50 year round if you have an oily complexion type, or if you live in a warm climate year round.)


Anti aging is all about reversing damage that has already occurred. This is actually easier to do on the face than elsewhere–neck, upper chest, hands and forearms.  So think about protecting these areas from the sun also.

Let’s talk about anti aging methods for THE BEAUTIFUL FACE. First question, “Is this a worthy endeavor–or just vanity?”  One of my favorite Bible verses encourages us to pursue restoration of youthfulness as a benefit from GOD:  “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and forget not ALL HIS BENEFITS…who satisfies your necessity and desire with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagles.”  Psalms 103: 2-5 Amplified.  So youthful renewal/reinvigoration IS a worthy goal in the context of pursuing HIM and ALL HIS BENEFITS!

What do you do first?  Expensive lasers or face lifts?  No. Much can be done to turn back the clock by consistently using high quality effective skin care products that are designed by a world renowned scientist/dermatologist, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, the inventor/developer of EPIONCE. His serums and creams contain multiple vitamins (not just retinol/vitamin A) and other natural active ingredients–like citrus, date and meadowfoam, just to name a few. These molecules can communicate to tell cellular aging mechanisms to REVERSE. The result is a more pleasing appearance that even your closest relationships will recognize and ask, “What are you doing to make your face look so young?”


Step 1.  Cleanse with EPIONCE
–Oily Skin, use Lytic Gel Cleanser
–Medium Skin, use Gentle Foaming Cleanser
–Dry Skin, use Milky Lotion Cleanser

Step 2. Prepare with EPIONCE
–Spray Balancing Toner into your clean hand and apply to face

Step 3. Apply EPIONCE Antiaging Serum
–Apply Intense Defense Serum to face

Step 4. Apply EPIONCE Renewal Product
–Oily Skin, use Renewal Facial Lite Lotion
–Medium Skin, use Renewal Facial Lotion
–Dry Skin, use Renewal Facial Cream

REPEAT ABOVE STEPS EARLY AM AND BEDTIME. WAIT 8 minutes between step 3 and step 4.  Then wait 8 minutes between step 4 and applying any makeup.

1.  I’ve been using these products actively in my practice for 14 years–I know they really work.
2.  They are relatively inexpensive. When used correctly these products are very efficient, that is, a little bit goes a long way. One bottle of product is designed to last months, not weeks.
3.  The products are guaranteed. This is a company with a lot of integrity. They rarely get a returned product, but they always honor it without questions or delays.
4.  These products are unique. There are several patents and proprietary blends. These are not me-too products.
5.  I own no stock or have any equity in EPIONCE.

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FINALLY, this is a great time of the year to help YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACE!!
Renew and Revitalize its Youthful Glow!!!
Begin with EPIONCE skin care today!


Wishing You All The BEST Health and Healing During The Holiday Season!!!
Steven A. Smith, MD
Psalms 103 “Benefits”