During the teen years there is ALOT going on. Hormones are on the prowl, stress is often high, without a lot of coping mechanisms developed, and diet is often poor. Let alone personal hygiene issues for most boys!  Well, how does the adult acne sufferer compare?

Amazingly similar, aren’t they??  Exceptions include, hopefully, some stress-reducing habits of regular exercise, good diet and adequate rest. However, the perfect storm is very similar for this chronic unsightly, sometimes painful defacings of our personal billboards (faces).

WHAT CAN BE DONE?  Some very simple reminders!  (Remember Mom?)

1.  Cleanse your face correctly. This really is # 1. There are problems if you over or under cleanse. I have 14 years of experience recommending EPIONCE Lytic Gel Cleanser. The reason it works so often so well is that it has unique natural ingredients, such as citrus, that LYSES the dead skin cells that sit on the surface and plug the pores (all microscopic sizes). When the pores aren’t open and “breathing”, they grow bad bacteria that results in the pimples and pustules that we all hate. I will discuss the most effective method to cleanse with EPIONCE Lytic Gel Cleanser below.

2.  Don’t handle your face. Don’t pick at your pimples. It can spread infection and cause more scarring.

3.  Some studies show that milk–especially skim milk can contribute to acne. If you can’t get off milk, try to get organic milk–especially grass fed dairy.

4.  Get the sweat off your face. This might require mid day cleansing and/or toning, in addition to morning and night. SEE BELOW.

5.  Make sure all the products that go on your face are oil-free, water-based, non-comedogenic. That means that they don’t contribute to pore plugging, which is the start of the acne pimple. This includes a lot of things for some people, such as makeup, moisturizer, sunscreen, etc.

6.  The hardest thing–try to have patience. This can take weeks to gain momentum. Obviously the more tools you use, the better. So, adding an OTC oral acne medicine can help speed the healing. Such as LOMA LUX Acne Pill. See we site below.


Wet hands. Put one pump of EPIONCE Lytic Gel Cleanser in your wet hands.
Begin to massage it into your pores vigorously and continuously for 1-2 minutes on face.
Concentrate most of that time on the areas of most concern. Don’t pick or scrape.
Rinse vigorously with a wet wash cloth.
Repeat morning and night and anytime the face is sweaty or oily or dirty.
THIS METHOD IS GOOD EVEN WITH MAKEUP ON. No need for prior removal.

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I am praying THE BENEFITS of healing, deliverance, and restoration FOR YOU!!!

Dr Steven Smith