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Dermatologist examines a mole of male patient

This is the 900 pound gorilla that we all want to avoid! Let’s review some very simple steps to follow every day to seek healthy skin. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the body. About one in three people will have a run in with it during their lifetime. 96% of all skin cancers can be detected early and cured relatively easily. These are called CARCINOMA and will be reviewed in this blog.

Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas occur almost exclusively on sun exposed skin, usually in fair skin people. Chronic cumulative sun damage adds up since childhood and begins manifesting usually by retirement age, but possibly much earlier (one of my daughters got a skin cancer in her 20’s due to surreptitious tanning bed abuse). Therefore, we must be cautious and on the lookout at all ages. Early detection is essential for successful simple removal of carcinomas.

What do we look for? Changes in existing bumps and spots, as well as new ones forming are important to spot. Especially be mindful if these changes are persistent past two months, and they are progressive. Color changes as well as color mixtures are important. Size matters—anything larger than pencil head eraser diameter (6mm) is suspicious. Asymmetry and border irregularity can point to trouble.

1. Choose dark skinned/non Irish heritage parents!
2. Choose to live in a Northern latitude.
3. Choose to do sun avoidance: April 15 — October 15 plan indoor activities from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. These are the peak times for burning and sun damage.
4. Use copious sun protection, especially when you have to be outdoors during peak times.
5. After the age of 50yo get a yearly FULL BODY SKIN EXAM from a dermatologist. (BEWARE: some dermatologists are more comprehensive than others.)
6. Optimize your Vitamin D3 daily intake. We are all deficient and need to supplement daily. Oral dose of 2000 iu will keep most adults in a cancer preventative state.


Wishing You a Happy Healthy Summer 2017
Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
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Summer Skin Tips


Hot sweaty weather can flare acne bumps and cause break outs. The sun can help! Get some cautious mid day rays of the sun—just 10- 20 minutes per day (depending on how dark your complexion is) directly on the face (protect the eyes). The ultraviolet kills surface bacteria and enhances vitamin D production for healthier skin. Also cleansing better and more often helps sweat induced acne (athletes need this all year round). LYTIC GEL CLEANSER by Epionce is the most thorough and also the most gentle facial cleanser that I have found—by far! Use my technique to wash your face for best results and best economy: dry face (no water prior to gel cleanser—even if makeup is on), lightly wet your hands, put one pump of LYTIC GEL CLEANSER into one damp palm and rub together with the other damp palm to get a light lather, then rub into the face firmly with continual circular and sweeping motions, do this vigorously for ONE FULL MINUTE, rinse vigorously with a wet washcloth. This gets all the dirt, grease and dead skin cells off without traumatic exfoliation techniques. Do this cleansing once to three times daily, depending on how oily and/or sweaty your complexion is. Get this from and get the FREE shipping # from my website.


We are bothered by bites only to the degree we are allergic to the saliva of the particular bug. For mild reactions producing itch and red bumps, try cold packs and 1% hydrocortisone (OTC) cream every hour until better. Avoiding hot environments will help also. For larger, more aggressive red swollen reactions, see a doctor who can prescribe a cortisone topical that is 100 times stronger than OTC. My favorite is Lidex gel three times a day. This kills the bite in 24 hr or less.


Plant allergies are due to surface exposure of invisible plant oils onto the skin. Then after a few hours to a few days the red intensely itchy bumps and blisters begin to appear. Without cortisone to calm the inflammation this can take weeks to resolve, and severe cases can end up in the hospital. Again, ice packs and 1% hydrocortisone (OTC) cream applied every hour until better treat milder cases. Avoiding hot environments and plant re exposure are vital also, as well as avoiding harsh chemicals—bleach, alcohol, betadine and even calamine. For more severe cases, especially on face or genitals, see your doctor for prescription cortisone—pills, shots and/or topicals (like Lidex gel, see above). Finally, if you know you are allergic to poison ivy, or a variety of other poison plants, learn to identify the culprits and avoid them. If you sense you have gotten exposed, run inside your home ASAP, drop your clothes in the washing machine and get in the shower ASAP! Take an extended water shower first, rubbing and scrubbing your entire body thoroughly. Immediately after this use soap to do a thorough scrubbing. If you get the invisible plant substance off your skin within 1-2 hours of exposure, the allergic reaction will be very mild or nonexistent. Oral antihistamines like Benadryl at night and Zyrtec during the day can also help.

I hope you and your skin thoroughly enjoy this summer!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
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Now Available in Most Walgreens Stores

Working late one night in my 53rd story office, I felt a presence come through the window. It was an inspiration sent from God in early 1985. I grabbed a note pad and quickly wrote down several common skin/hair problems that most people struggle with. That night God was giving me faith to believe for scientific medical breakthroughs to help countless suffers. Near the top of that list was “dandruff.”

Dandruff is a common scaly scalp condition, which is often itchy. It can sometimes spread into the ear canals and onto the face, especially the eyebrows. It exists on a spectrum with scalp dermatitis (seborrhea) and psoriasis. The major problem in treating dandruff WAS that only OTC shampoos were available. NOW due to this inspired breakthrough, there is an ORAL OTC PILL available in most Walgreens stores. This unique approach to treating scalp problems, like dandruff and the above conditions, was developed through a God-inspired discovery. Two minerals, namely bromide and nickel, were discovered and used in LOMA LUX Dandruff Pill to slow down scalp overgrowth (scaling) and to reduce inflammation (redness and/or itching). Clinical testing of these oral minerals has proven their utility in a variety of scalp disorders. I have personally used them to treat thousands of patients over more than 25 years, many of them with scalp ailments like dandruff.

Effectiveness and safety are remarkable. Efficacy during the initial treatment often requires 2-4 months of once daily dosing. Clearing is frequent—the dandruff goes away! If it comes back after a few months to years—usually due to stress or cold winter weather—a repeat treatment typically induces an even longer remission, requiring only a 1-2 month second time treatment course.

Safety is also very good. Only people with nickel allergy (intolerance to costume jewelry) should use caution. These should consider a course of nickel desensitization prior to starting a full treatment dose of LOMA LUX Dandruff Pill. A protocol is available from the manufacturer, Plymouth Healthcare, Inc. Pregnant women should not use it.

I love LOMA LUX Dandruff Pill, not because my wife and I invented it, but because of how it helps family, friends and patients in such a unique way. You see medicated shampoos don’t always work. Also people get tired of using them all the time (usually smelly messy products). Then some people CAN’T use shampoos but once every week or two due to hair texture (common in African Americans).

Whether you suffer, or know someone who does, I invite you to take advantage of this unique healing OTC scalp remedy. If your Walgreens doesn’t have it, you should order it online at

NOW FOR THE FUN PART! I am working again at what I love—dermatology. My clinic is Ft. Gibson Medical Clinic in Ft Gibson, OK. Call 918-478-2101 for appointment times and directions. I look forward to seeing you!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
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