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Lamisil – Why I Love This Safe Drug

As a dermatologist I treat all types of infections. Lamisil (terbinafine, generic) is head and shoulders above all other antifungals! When I treat a fungus in the skin, hair or nails – especially the nails – I alway prescribe Lamisil for all types of fungus problems (but not for yeast). The reason is that it LOVES keratin.

Keratin is the protein that remains in the dead and dying skin cells that provide the protective “barrier” layer of the skin. This “barrier” layer keeps the bad things out, like infections, and the good things in, like nutrients. Hair and nails are composed of compact keratin, the same chemically as this “barrier” layer.

HERE IS WHY I LOVE LAMISIL: it gets incorporated into dead keratin and keeps on killing fungus until the “barrier” layer is shed from the skin, or until the hair/nail is cut/trimmed.

This means that HARD WORKING LAMISIL is still working for a long time after taking the last pill – about three weeks in skin and up to two years in hair and hails. I really like that! Especially for treating fungal nails.

Now trial attorneys also really like Lamisil. You may have heard their solicitation on TV to sue doctors for liver damage. However, this is due to prolonged use without breaks or liver monitoring.

Because this drug is so enduringly effective, as discussed above especially for nail disease, I can give it for 2-4 weeks and then take a 2-3 month break, then give another short booster dose, etc. That way the liver is able to rest, and I rarely have to do liver testing. Takes patience, the nail gradually clears from its base, and we have a lot of success – safely!


I am really excited about these stronger OTC treatments for acne:

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Many Blessings on those I love – my patients and followers!!
Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 ALL HIS BENEFITS!!!

Skin Health and Anti-Aging Linked to Immune System Health

Last month I previewed oral Colostrum powder as the most powerful healing superfood/supplement for restoring the body to healthe and vitality. I discussed how gut/G.I. healing is directly connected to healing the skin. In fact I have seen Eczema/Atopic Dermatitis resolve with this simple approach. Also I have seen distinct antiaging effects with this approach erasing wrinkle lines and bringing a more yourthful appearance.

Most importantly the rich components of Bovine Colostrum powder include Immunoglobulins that help prevent and fight infections. Growth factors are present that will increase energy and help build strength. Protein Rich Peptides are also abundant in Colostrum which are anti-inflammatory. All of these health benefits compound over time. I have personally used this health product for 1.5 years, and can testify of all of these benefits—and better yet, NO RELAPSES OF CHRONIC LYME DISEASE!

If you would like to try this restorative product, just google Sovereign Labs. There are many manufacturers, but I believe this lab’s Liposomal Delivery system is the best absorbed and most bioavailable.

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Steven A. Smith MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103

The Leaky Gut and Leaky Skin Connection

The skin and the gastrointestinal tract (GUT) are both lined with very similar cells and cell structures, called the epidermis (skin) and epithelium (gut). They have another similarity—both are packed with immune cells that are active in fighting off invaders. These are infectious agents, chemical toxins and early rogue cancer cells. Also the skin and gut play vital roles in immune defense against allergens—foreign protein molecules that can trigger allergic reactions. THIS IS A HUGE TOPIC: infections, toxins, cancers and allergies. How can the skin/gut connection play such an important role in preventing these maladies? One theory is the Leaky Gut Syndrome—and I might add The Leaky Skin Syndrome.

Both of these organs are large and contain the largest amount of fully active immune cells. When these two organs begin to malfunction, they begin to “leak”. What does this mean in practical terms? The “good guys” (important fluids and nutrient molecules) begin to leak out, and the “bad guys” (various microbes/infections, chemical toxins and allergens from the environment) begin to leak in. What can heal and reverse this common malfunction?

As we know there are many ways to cure disease. The best are the simple, yet comprehensive preventative ones. Most of you know that I tried many complex regimens for chronic Lyme disease. Some of these really helped, but only temporarily. THANK GOD for my daughter, Liana, who gave me a tip regarding the far-reaching immune building effects of oral Bovine Colostrum powder taken daily!!

With 1.5 years experience using Bovine Colostrum, I would like to add it to my other products that I have WHOLEHEARTEDLY ENDORSED for the past 15 years: The EPIONCE line of skin care topicals. Please GOOGLE Sovereign Labs and study their info on Bovine Colostrum for a variety of health benefits. This is HUGE! I WILL PROVIDE MORE DETAILS SOON IN MY NEXT BLOG.

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Healing Is From Above!
Psalms 103
All His Benefits
Steven A. Smith, MD

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