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This blog deals with getting started on improving your cosmetic appearance. Mainly we are interested in the face and neck, however the backs of hands and the upper chest can be improved as well. We will be skipping the expensive painful procedures here—such as lasers and face lifts. So, what is the first step?

Botox is a simple, moderately expensive method that works great for most people over 40 years old. I have given Botox to my patients for almost 30 years now. Most are happy and return in 3-6 months for more, however some don’t want this recurring expense.

So, for most people concerned about a declining appearance, the best FIRST STEP is effective topical therapy—creams and lotions that really work to reduce wrinkle lines and sun spots. The very best products use natural, low side effect, active ingredients that are proven to work in independent studies on actual people.

The only company that fits all of the above criteria is EPIONCE. This is why I am so engaged with this high integrity company. And the BONUS is that the products are very cost effective also.

COMING SOON: Dr. Smith’s specific recommendations for refreshing your skin appearance. Some call this antiaging. I just call it COMMON SENSE!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology

Beautiful Your Skin This Fall!

This is traditionally the time of the year that people focus on improving their cosmetic appearance. Thus I am going to do a series on Antiaging-turning the years back. This is not a myth, it can actually be done-often the results are dramatic! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO LOOK 5-10 YEARS YOUNGER? This is very realistic, and for very little money and effort. Let’s start by reviewing the science of the aging process which will then need to be reversed.

Everything that is created has a lifespan and will age with wear and tear. Genetics are important, but we can’t change that. We must go to family reunions to see the inevitable. However, environmental factors can hasten the aging decline-or reverse it. Thus antiaging. What are these environmental factors that can be controlled?
Radiation is literally killing us-from sunlight to artificial energy sources of iverse types, we are being bombarded constantly, most of the time unawares. Everyone is broadcasting higher and higher energy level technology, even the neighbor’s portable home phones and high powered wi-fi systems can now keep you awake at night. If your office is near a cell tower, it can give you headaches and impact your neurological work performance negatively. These stresses of living in the ever-evolving technology age have sped up the aging of our cells. When cells age, they become more susceptible, more fragile. This results in poor repair of routine cell damage, which causes pre-cancerous and aging signs to appear. The immune system doesn’t work as well to fight off infections and to kill malignant mutants. This results in an ever increasing array of disease manifestations in the body.

Of course the 900 pound gorilla is the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light (UV), and our skin is the prime target of this lifelong event. Most of the sun’s energy rays are filtered out by the atmosphere and never reach our skin. But the UV that reaches us accelerates the chronologic aging process in our cells. I tell my patients who have a lot of cumulative lifetime sun exposure that their exposed areas-especially backs of hands and forearms-are 100 years older than their sun protected skin (axilla). Think of it 165 year old skin at retirement! Not only older looking skin cosmetically, but skin that tears and bruises much easier. And skin that is much more susceptible to developing skin cancers (basal cell and squamous cell carcinoma) and melanoma.

This is the FIRST LESSON of antiaging: PREVENT PREVENT PREVENT!!! I have three simple rules that are easy to follow in this pursuit. #1 Rule is to STAY INSIDE! Especially in the summer season, plan indoor activities from llam until 3pm. These 4 hours have the most direct damaging burning rays and must be avoided. #2 Rule is to GET SOME HEALTHY SUN! We need the multiple health restoring benefits of the sun, such as Vitamin D and the balancing functions of UV for our retinas (eyes). So get out when the sun is rising and setting and even look into its rays (only at this time ofthe day) and get healthier. Rule #3 is to COVERUP FROM lOam to 5pm. The main thing is to avoid burning, which causes inflammation in the skin. This is the damaging reaction that causes disease and induces cancer. So if you can’t stay inside during these hours of the day, use SPF 50 or greater sunblock lotions (waterproof or water resistant, and reapply them every 3 hours) and wear sun protective clothing and broad brim hats and sun glasses (don’t forget cataracts are caused by the same damaging UV).

As most of you know I love the EPIONCE sun protection products. Why? Because Dr Thornfeldt uses safe effective botanical and mineral ingredients. These not only help prevent burning, but they also prevent the photoaging effects in the skin-wrinkle lines, sun spots and red vessels showing through
because of skin thinning. These products are:

DAILY SHIELD LOTION TINTED SPF 50. This is the NEWEST PRODUCT and is great for women who want to have a one-step sunscreen/makeup tint.

ULTRA SHIELD LOTION SPF 50. This is the same as above, only without the tint. It has a nice light moisturizer effect.

ACTIVE SHIELD LOTION SPF 30+. This is the ideal product for winter season use, and year round for extremely dry skin types.

Remember to use the DR Smith FREE SHIPPING CODE 20030213 WHEN ORDERING, and look for future installments that I will send you on ANTIAGING.

Come see me in Fort Gibson Oklahoma! Love to see you!!

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Psalms 103 All His Benefits

Steven A. Smith, MD Dermatology


Dermatologist examines a mole of male patient

This is the 900 pound gorilla that we all want to avoid! Let’s review some very simple steps to follow every day to seek healthy skin. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the body. About one in three people will have a run in with it during their lifetime. 96% of all skin cancers can be detected early and cured relatively easily. These are called CARCINOMA and will be reviewed in this blog.

Basal Cell and Squamous Cell Carcinomas occur almost exclusively on sun exposed skin, usually in fair skin people. Chronic cumulative sun damage adds up since childhood and begins manifesting usually by retirement age, but possibly much earlier (one of my daughters got a skin cancer in her 20’s due to surreptitious tanning bed abuse). Therefore, we must be cautious and on the lookout at all ages. Early detection is essential for successful simple removal of carcinomas.

What do we look for? Changes in existing bumps and spots, as well as new ones forming are important to spot. Especially be mindful if these changes are persistent past two months, and they are progressive. Color changes as well as color mixtures are important. Size matters—anything larger than pencil head eraser diameter (6mm) is suspicious. Asymmetry and border irregularity can point to trouble.

1. Choose dark skinned/non Irish heritage parents!
2. Choose to live in a Northern latitude.
3. Choose to do sun avoidance: April 15 — October 15 plan indoor activities from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. These are the peak times for burning and sun damage.
4. Use copious sun protection, especially when you have to be outdoors during peak times.
5. After the age of 50yo get a yearly FULL BODY SKIN EXAM from a dermatologist. (BEWARE: some dermatologists are more comprehensive than others.)
6. Optimize your Vitamin D3 daily intake. We are all deficient and need to supplement daily. Oral dose of 2000 iu will keep most adults in a cancer preventative state.


Wishing You a Happy Healthy Summer 2017
Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 All His Benefits

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