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Don’t Bug Me!

Summer skin care concerns are dramatically different than cold weather problems! So, I will begin to discuss the common things that BUG us in hot weather. Let’s start with insect bites. Future blogs will cover sun protection, poison ivy and common skin infections.

How do you know it’s a bite that’s bugging you? There are several tips. The first clue is that you have several very similar small red round bumps present on your skin. These are usually clustered. They often have a central punctum or a tiny crust. They are always very itchy and are mostly on exposed skin.

How should I treat bug bites? Prescription topical corticosteroids turn off the itch in 24 hours, and the bite is gone in 48 hours. Lidex gel is my favorite, used twice daily on the bites. Also avoid heat, which makes anything itchy worse. Cooling menthol or other anti-itch lotions can give temporary relief too.

How should I prevent insect bites? Avoiding their habitat is the best policy! If you can’t do this, use clothing to cover up. Repellants are available, like “Off” spray, but there are eco-friendly ones that work well too—look in the Kid’s section of your department store. Finally, you may wish to try Thiamine, a B vitamin, taken orally every day can discourage the bugs from biting you.

COMING SOON: What can I do to protect from the powerful summer sun?

Daily Shield Lotion Tinted SPF 50 is a very popular effective block from EPIONCE. It is great for everyday use, or can be used for outings. Use on face, neck and backs of hands and wrists is especially important to prevent aging changes as well as sunburn.

We will explore this subject in more depth in my next BLOG. You can call 866-374-6623 to order EPIONCE PRODUCTS. TELL THEM YOU FOLLOW DR SMITH, AND THEY WILL GIVE YOU FREE SHIPPING!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Benefits

Is Your Skin Exhausted From the Long Winter?

As I see patients this time of year, after a long hard winter, I often think that their skin is tired and giving out, even exhausted. This is from fighting the terrible drying conditions of the cold weather. The skin barrier function—that outer layer that keeps the good nutrients and hydration in, and the bad drying/irritating elements out—can’t keep up with the onslaught. This results in itching, scaling and finally red rashes called Asteatotic Eczema. This is dry skin to the 10th power. This can break the skin open, and bacterial and viral infections can ensue. REMEMBER: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

SPRING IS HERE and it’s TIME TO RESCUE YOUR HIDE! Epionce has a NEW CREAM that’s perfect to help revive your exhausted dry skin — RENEWAL CALMING CREAM. This cost effective cream will soothe and comfort as well as intensively moisturize your skin. With five natural active ingredients it repairs and revitalizes without harming your skin. Call 1-866-374-6623 to order, and don’t forget to tell them you are a Dr Smith follower. They will give you FREE SHIPPING!

If you know someone with more extensive dry rashy skin, tell them to use EPIONCE Renewal Calming Cream in combination with Loma Lux Eczema Pill. I personally developed this NATURAL internal product for the skin 20 years ago and it’s still working—from the inside out!

Praying for your effectual healing,

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology


My last blog in early October outlined an approach to get YOUR unique skin healthy and beautiful this Fall. These Epionce products are PROVEN superior to Retin A and Obagi by independent clinical studies.

Now there is an EPIONCE serum that amplifies the disappearance of wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots, when added to the program I outlined in my last blog. It is loaded with naturally sourced vitamins from shiitake mushrooms, melons and raspberries. The results are obvious! And gentle on your skin as well.

Now for the BEST NEWS! EPIONCE products are going on SALE!
Starting November 1 the following are 20% OFF!!

INTENSE DEFENSE SERUM–see above discussion. Apply FIRST after cleansing.

Just in time for Fall. I hope YOU can take advantage of this “Get Your Good Looks On!” SALE!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology

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