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Common Cold Weather Skin Problems

Routine Dry Skin
This affects everyone during cold winter weather. Heating systems draw the moisture out of our skin this time of year — and it’s about to get worse in Jan., Feb., and March! So get ready; an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure!

Some Dry Skin Tips:
1. Infrequent bathing helps a lot. Try every other day during the next three months (wash up dirty areas in the sink on off days). Use unscented soap that is very gentle, like Dove, Ivory or Oil of Olay. Get out of the bath or shower and quickly towel dry.

2. Immediately moisturize all dry prone areas. I LIKE Balancing Toner by EPIONCE. Just spray on and rub in quickly. Then I LIKE Renewal Enriched Body Lotion by EPIONCE on routine dry areas. I LIKE Medical Barrier Cream by EPIONCE on more difficult dry areas. Remember to ALWAYS spray Balancing Toner first to prepare the skin for the lotion or cream—it makes everything work twice as effective in healing your skin! (It’s economical too—makes lotions and creams go twice as far.)

If you have problem rashes year round, you can really benefit from the above Dry Skin recommendations. You may need to double the frequency of applications AND do even less bathing—every third or fourth day. If you are still struggling with red itchy rashes due to inflammation, see a dermatologist. I practice in Fort Gibson, Oklahoma: 918-478-2101

This inherited type of dry skin is quite common and onsets early in life as fish-like dark scales on lower legs and general dry skin everywhere including the hands. If this is you, one of your parents has likely suffered as well. I LIKE Balancing Toner followed by Medical Barrier Cream twice daily.

About 3% of the population are affected by this difficult skin problem. It has dry scaly features, but is often accompanied by considerable red inflammation. This may require strong prescription medications, however, I LIKE a three step topical program: Balancing Toner — spray and rub in quickly, then apply Lytic Tx Lotion by EPIONCE. Then 5-10 minutes later carefully rub in Extreme Barrier Cream by EPIONCE. Do this 2-3 times daily.

We MUST pay special attention to our skin during cold winter weather to prevent the ravages of itchy, cracking, painful or even bloody Dry Skin. Plan ahead to be good to your skin this winter!

Steven A. Smith, MD Dermatology
Psalms 103 All His Benefits
Praying for your healing!

TOP 3 HEALTH TIPS FOR 2017, Plus a Valuable Cold Weather Skincare Tip

1. Value of Resting.

This is a portal into MORE productiveness. I have found in my life this has allowed me to get more done in less time. AND regular resting has increased my healthy longevity giving me more productive years.
Most importantly resting teaches us to honor God with our time. Exodus 20.

2. Power of Trust.

Eliminating fear and anxiety reduces stress, which improves overall health through immune system optimization. This reduces inflammation which is a major driver of most illnesses—especially pain and aging.
I have learned this through 40 years of taking care of patients. Spouses as well as parents and their children, employers and their employees can all benefit greatly by working to restore trust.

3. Importance of Giving.

Giving and receiving are tied together. I have a saying, “the more you give, the more you live.” Giving is active—just do it! Receiving/ living life to the full is receptive—we must be open to receive. A smile. Cash. An opportunity. Etc. You still have to work at receiving! Give it a try.

For dry itchy skin and rashes (Eczema, Dermatitis, Winter Itch, Psoriasis, Icthyosis, Etc.) TRY THIS:
1. BEFORE bathing or soaking put a generous coat of old fashioned Vasoline (petroleum jelly) on that troubled patch. Then get in and enjoy your bath or soak! Just before getting out use a gentle cleanser—white unscented Dove bar or liquid, liquid Cetaphil cleanser or Shaklee Basic H liquid are a few of the best.
2. Get out and immediately towel dry METICULOUSLY. (Most people don’t realize that evaporation of water lying on the skin is the worst thing they can do for troubled skin.)
3. Then immediately apply a cream that seals the outer barrier layer of the skin. This barrier layer has been broken and is not doing its job—that is to keep the harsh outside environment OUT, and to keep the gentle inside environment IN. So by applying a barrier cream, there is repair of that necessary protective function. Over time the full function and normal appearance of the skin will be reestablished.
My favorite barrier products are EPIONCE’S
—Extreme Barrier Cream for general body areas.
—Medical Barrier Cream for the hands, especially during the day. The hands get wet and suffer repeated harsh exposures during the day—even waterless sanitizers are brutal to the skin.
Once the skin heals and looks and feels normal again, it is vitally important to maintain susceptible areas, thereby preventing relapse. This can be done by continuing the same gentle cleanser, and by applying MEDICAL BARRIER CREAM after the bath and at least twice a day to the hands. MEDICAL BARRIER CREAM is the best way, when used on a daily basis, to maintain susceptible dry skin areas, keeping them healthy and preventing future rashes.

I hope this tutorial on Cold Weather Skin Care is helpful to you. Pass this advice along to someone who suffers—or to those who have children that suffer from skin disease. Help tame the inflammation!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Prayers
Combine the Healing Streams of Prayer and Medicine.
Ask GOD to Empower Each Application! HE will!!!

Heartbreak of Psoriasis

Nearly everyone is affected by psoriasis. Either you know someone with one of the many different types—dry skin, inflamed plaques, raw body folds, pustules, etc, or you are a sufferer. This is the time of year that most suffer the most–during the cold weather season. So, this blog is dedicated to helping people who suffer from the Heartbreak of Psoriasis.

Since 1985 I have felt led to reach out to help these people in what I call “the healing cure to psoriasis”. What began as a prayer ended up in a unique oral medication that helps balance and stabilize the internal milieu, therefore allowing the skin, scalp and nails to get better. This ORAL medication has been marketed for over 20 years as LOMA LUX Psoriasis, and is available Over The Counter. (See and tap the PSORIASIS button at the top of the HOME page.) The cost is about $30 for a one month supply—a far cry from the dominant therapies available—so called “Biologics” that cost $15-$50 THOUSAND dollars per year!! (I am a consultant for LOMA LUX, but no longer own any part of the company.)

This oral medication was developed by me through a revelation that God gave my wife, namely “bromide and nickel”. These are the unique oral mineral ingredients inside LOMA LUX Psoriasis. Over the years I have found that taking this regularly, especially during high stress seasons like winter time, is a reliable way to balance and stabilize the skin, scalp and even the nails.

Is LOMA LUX Psoriasis a “Cure”? For some people this is a Godsend, giving a profound improvement or even a remission. This is true even in some of the worst, out of control cases. For most sufferers it provides a moderate amount of tangible improvement and relief. I have found over the years that the people who BELIEVE in it actually get better results! Is this placebo? I call it faith — faith to believe there is a good God that wants to heal His children and relieve their suffering. It also makes sense that they will take this medicine with greater compliance and confidence. (In my 42 years in the medical field I have found that TRUST is the most important factor in the healing equation. This is why I will get a second or even third opinion for my own medical care, or recommend this for a patient or friend if there is any wavering.)

Please share this with someone you love or care about. It couldn’t hurt, and may help!! This is the
season to be Jolly, not suffer.

Very truly yours,

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103, All His Benefits

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