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Dr. Smith Update – January

This week I am finishing 20 months of serving the Fort Gibson, OK area. I have mixed feelings about leaving. The people have been great! I love the pioneer/native American/rural stock — very different that the big city people I took care of for 40 years! What’s next? I will enjoy being retired for a season. I will update readers monthly about changes occurring in my life. Meanwhile, let’s learn more about the skin!

Diagnostics vs. Therapeutics

Some doctors focus on the Diagnostic side of patient care. This includes trying to get the exact Right diagnosis. These doctors, however, often falter on Therapeutics—finding the Right (best) therapy for a given patient. (See a tension between Rationalism and Empiricism.) I feel that both of the above are important, but I lean toward favoring Therapeutics. I will try to get the patient better faster, even before the final diagnosis is nailed down. If I guess right, and the patient gets better quickly, both time and money are saved. Generally, the patient will also endure less suffering in this senario.


I shared in a recent blog about Lamisil tablets for toenail fungus. Now I will share about Renewal Calming Cream by EPIONCE for all types of dry skin problems, including eczemas and dermatitis and generic dry cracking skin problems.

I favor this as THE BEST cream for dry cracking hands and dry itchy, often red, patches on the body. It has natural agents that calm and relieve symptoms. More importantly it also has natural ingredients that restore the barrier function of the skin. The outer barrier layer is broken and deficient, and needs restoration in order to reverse and really heal the condition.

Once this occurs I recommend switching to Medical Barrier Cream by EPIONCE in order to maintain the susceptible areas—especially during the remainder of cold weather season. Medical Barrier Cream is also ideal for dry skin problems on the face. THE EASIEST AND CHEAPEST WAY TO BUY EPIONCE IS TO CALL 1-866-374-6623 and tell them that Dr. Smith sent you to get FREE SHIPPING! (You can also get free shipping by using Dr. Smith’s code 20030213 on


Psalms 103
Steven A. Smith MD, Dermatology


I remember 50 years ago deciding to go for it! I set a goal to make straight A’s in all my classes. That was good for 7 years until I hit Medical school. Well I got a few B’s there! But you get the idea that I began to set goals and work hard to achieve them.

So I wanted to share what I have learned and experienced during 43 years in the medical field. This blog will cover the BIG PICTURE items. I wish to THANK my parents, Jack and Mary Smith, who set the early foundation stones in my life that led me to THE WAY (PROVERBS 22:6 and John 14:6) that allowed me to make the RIGHT decisions in life.


1. A new heart. Born again. Eternal life. Ezekiel 36:26 John 3:3 John 3:16
Yes Friends, if we accept JESUS into our heart—that deepest place within, He gives us a new heart and a new life, and we will live with Him forever! Even if we mess up, He will forgive and make our life forever new, if we ask Him!!

2. Life comes out of relationship, and death comes out of reason/logic. In other words being right is much less important than being loving. This, along with forgiveness, saved my marriage, and I am eternally grateful to God for this revelation. I have to practice being relational, living out of the Tree of Life, rather than the Tree of Knowledge. Genesis 2:8,9,16,17

3. Prepare for death well. We should prepare for the inevitable. Be ready and get rid of fear. The only way to do this is to do #1 above and get full assurance of Eternal Life when you die. Then death is a promotion. Something to look forward to after our work here is done.


#1 THE WAY to be born RIGHT.

#2 THE WAY to live RIGHT.

#3 THE WAY to die RIGHT.

I truly hope these REFLECTIONS will benefit you and bring you PEACE.


Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103
All His Benefits

2018 – Give Your Best!

Why not make every day Christmas? Not just once a year, but learn to be a giver every day! Give a little, give a lot, some here, some there. What’s it all about? It’s about LIVING TO GIVE!! Don’t be a stagnant pool. Be a River of Life that flows freely from the Springs of Living Waters (Revelation 7:17).

I once knew a man who had the worst psoriasis one could imagine. His skin was covered with red scaly itchy painful sores. His joints were mangled, where he could barely open his hands. He had suffered for so long, and I felt such compassion for him!! The strongest medicine I had would barely help just a little bit.

Then . . . he for-gave his father. . . and a true miracle happened! When he came back to me a short time later, he was off all medication, and HE LOOKED LIKE A DIFFERENT PERSON!! His countenance was very bright. His skin had only a few minor sores. But his joints were completely RESTORED!!! He could open his hands fully, and all the swellings were gone. I was stunned and humbled. I could only do so much medically, BUT GOD could do so much more! And He did it through this man’s for-give-ness.
So, whether it’s giving a financial blessing, or a smile, or even tearing up an old I.O.U. from someone who hurt you, live every day by giving your best. LIVE TO GIVE!! Make it your life’s motto.


Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalm 103 Blessings

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