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Spring Facial Renewal Sale


These are the skin moisturizers that work with dual benefits of moisture replacement and proven anti-aging. Many of my patients have benefited from these fine products for years, but now through early May they are being offered with a $20 savings! What makes them even more economical is how long they last—months instead of weeks! This is due to the richness of these products, and how little it takes to cover the entire face.

I have gotten great results in my patients using this product by itself. However, originator, Dr. Carl Thornfeldt, has proven even more anti-aging benefits by preparing the skin first with an application of Lytic lotion. So either way is fine—Renewal by itself, or Lytic first, followed by Renewal. Below I have outlined the optimum regimen for each skin type. All of the products are made by Epionce and are available at

Dry or Easily Irritated Skin

Cleanse first with Milky Lotion Cleanser
Apply a small amount of Lytic Tx Lotion
Wait 6 minutes and apply a small amount of Facial Renewal Cream
Wait 6 minutes prior to makeup

Normal or Combination Skin

Cleanse first with Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Apply a small amount of Lytic Plus Lotion
Wait 6 minutes and apply a small amount of Facial Renewal Lotion
Wait 6 minutes prior to makeup

Oily Skin

Cleanse first with Lytic Gel Cleanser
Apply a small amount of Lytic Sport Lotion
Wait 6 minutes and apply a small amount of Facial Renewal Lite Lotion
Wait 6 minutes prior to makeup

If you have never used these, start out once per day at night. After two weeks add the AM also. You should definitely see results within one month. Share with others the remarkable changes. The natural Apple, Date, Avacado and Flax ingredients transform the face in a remarkable way. Happy is Natural!

Once you have witnessed the beautiful progression over 1—2 months on your face, try the same regimen on the tops of your hands and wrists, or your neck and upper central chest areas. These will benefit also, although the face responds faster. Go to to enjoy these benefits and savings!


I will soon complete an incredible travel adventure—from Lake Superior to Cape Horn South America, from Hawaii to the Pyrenees Mountains. Then my return to DERMATOLOGY CLINICS! These will begin May 16, 2017. See details below.

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Dr. Smith Rates His All-Time BEST Skin Care Products

As a dermatologist I have used and recommended a number of well- known product lines for the skin. After 35 years taking care of the skin, I have gained experience with just about every skin care product on the market. The BEST one by far is the one I have used exclusively for the last 15 years—EPIONCE.

So, what products are the BEST of the BEST? In my opinion they are. . . .

1. EPIONCE Lytic Gel Cleanser, for the normal to oily face, with or without acne.

2. EPIONCE Medical Barrier Cream, for everyone’s dry sensitive skin, especially for hands (cuticles and tips are the most important area to treat consistently). Ideal for eczema or atopic

3. EPIONCE Intensive Nourishing Cream, for the dry-prone or sensitive-prone, easily irritated face.


Trust is the key ingredient in a healing encounter—whether it’s with a doctor or a skin care product. This is the trust my patients have in me, and the trust I have in Epionce founder, Dr Carl Thornfeldt. We know that his products are filled with unique health restoring natural ingredients that make you feel healthy and look younger.


This is the best-selling of all the products consistently for 15 years. It is by far the best facial cleanser I have ever encountered for normal to oily facial skin types. This is the #1 Key to keeping the pores healthy and preventing acne blemishes. (See my Acne Blog, Oct. 5, 2015 for the best method to cleanse your face with this product. This method makes this cleanser more effective and more economical.)

AWARD WINNING PRODUCT #2 Medical Barrier Cream

This is the product that I encouraged Epionce founder, Dr Carl Thornfeldt, to develop about 14 years ago for dry skin exposed to the elements—frequent exposure to chemicals, hand washing, cold weather, etc. This is ideal for the hands and also for eczema and atopic dermatitis. These conditions all need stronger barrier function in their outer protective layer of the skin—to keep the bad guys OUT (yeast, viruses, staph, as well as toxic chemicals). Protection is the key to reducing and eliminating and preventing inflammation. The outer barrier layer of the skin is less than 1mm thick. That’s all that stands between you and the harsh environment we are all exposed to. Consistent use of Medical Barrier Cream helps keep that barrier layer intact, robust and healthy—not just the hands, but for any area that is stressed with dryness, itching or inflammation/redness and even breakdown of the skin.

AWARD WINNING PRODUCT #3 Intensive Nourishing Cream

This is literally the best facial moisture that I have ever found—by far! It is intended for people with dry sensitive facial skin—skin that does not tolerate most products, due to irritation. It is also very valuable for people with combination or normal skin during the cold weather, when everyone’s skin dries out significantly.

Does Dr. Smith Own Stock in Epionce?

No. Please see my Dec. 2015 Blog. Toward the end of that blog I explain my experience in more detail, and why I favor Epionce for your skin care.

What Convinces Me That Epionce Is Best

I have already mentioned Trust. This is essential for a healing experience. Another feature of this line is the dependency on Natural Active Ingredients (citrus, date, marsh mallow root, lavender, cucumber, raspberry, and a number of vitamins, etc). And what I really like is HOW ECONOMICAL these products are! Consider the low purchase price compared to other premium skin care lines. Consider the fact that a little goes a long way! Consider how generous the product sizes are. Finally, REMEMBER your Dr. Smith FREE SHIPPING CODE #20030213 when you order. This saves you money and helps the company identify you with Dr. Smith.

As always,

My Healing Best To You—Jesus Christ!

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Steven A. Smith, MD Dermatology

New Year’s Most Important Health Resolution


At the beginning of this New Year it became obvious THE MOST IMPORTANT HEALTH ISSUE that I could discuss for 2016 is optimizing vitamin D3. Yes, D3 if FAR MORE IMPORTANT than getting a few extra pounds off, or lowering your cholesterol or even exercising more! Making this change will be FAR


What is Vitamin D3 and Why is it So Important?

Vitamin D3 is the most active form of D. This vitamin has been known for a long time to aid in the absorption and utilization of calcium, vital to bone mineralization, providing strength and integrity to the skeleton — the structural framework of the body.

What is New and Revolutionary about D3?

Literally this is the best discovery in the field of medicine during my 40 years in the medical field. About 60 years ago scientists began to study why some people got more cancer than others. They became focused on something that was obvious– that the sun’s rays actually caused skin cancers of various types—including often lethal melanomas. So our culture did a 180 degree turn and became photophobic in regard to the sun’s rays. (Tanning had been the “healthy” thing to do before that. Vitamin D was known as the Sunshine Vitamin!) What transpired during the next two generations was an emphasis on sun avoidance or sun protection.

This resulted in nearly our entire population becoming deficient (or at least borderline low) in D3. This is a fact today, unless one is actively taking D3 regularly or spending significant amounts of time outside with most of the clothes off. This on top of the fact that “normal” blood levels of D3 are clearly sub-optimal for the most important benefits—cancer prevention, depression prevention, chronic pain prevention, etc, etc.

Where does this leave us now? More, much more internal cancers than ever before. So scientists started studying why—What is causing this large increase of all types of cancers? Could a LACK of Vitamin D3 be associated with this CANCER EPIDEMIC? YES!! That is what 100’s of scientific studies over the past 20 years are pointing to. From population studies showing Northerners get more internal cancers than Southerners, to occupational studies that show office workers get more internal cancers than outdoor workers. NOW IT’S BECOMING OBVIOUS THAT THE SUN’S RAYS ACTUALLY HAVE MORE BENEFITS THAN LIABILITIES!

What is the Bottom Line/Action Point Regarding Vitamin D3? We should take OPTIMUM D3 DAILY. You can’t get that much from a multivitamin or from milk. Most of us can’t or shouldn’t get that much from the sun—due to burning or skin cancer risk. So, if we get D3 from a daily supplement, this is the safest and simplest way to go.

How Much Should We Take Daily?

I like to start adults (over 90 lbs) on 2,000 units of D3 daily. For people over age 60 and those over 200 lbs, I recommend 4,000 units D3 daily. Oh course everyone taking D3 should get a blood test to check their level after taking it for a few months. This can usually be done at your annual checkup. The optimum/cancer preventative blood level is 50-100 ng/mL. The daily dose should be adjusted until this target blood level is achieved.

Has The Sun Been Fully Vindicated?

It often seems that generations cast a particular object or even a person as either a villain or a hero. The sun’s rays have certainly played both of these roles over the years. I recommend that you get some healthy rays, but “Don’t get burned!” Use Common Sense. Plan outdoor activities for morning and late afternoon or evening. Use broad brimmed hats and other garments to cover up when you have to be out during the peak sun times. Finally, apply high SPF sunscreens to exposed skin areas (30 or higher) and reapply every 2 hours.

My Five Year Experience with Optimum Doses of Vitamin D3

I am convinced clinically that my patients who take sufficient Vitamin D3 consistently over the years are getting fewer and fewer cancers and precancers over time. Many of these patients were escalating their number of new cancers each year, and now are decreasing their numbers dramatically. However, I believe ALL CAN BENEFIT, not just high risk patients. Vitamin D3 is sold in every store in America. If you have $5 in your pocket, stop at any store and GET STARTED!

Who Benefits the Most?

Those who are High Risk for any type of cancer(s). Families that get cancers often, transplant patients, immunosuppressed patients on certain drugs that lower immunity, HIV patients, and anyone who has had a cancer or precancer previously.

Other Products That Can Help

EPIONCE makes two great sunscreens that can help prevent sun burning and prevent photo aging from chronic damaging effects of the sun’s rays. Daily Shield 50 is great for people who need a light moisturizer combined with a powerful sun protection factor. (Remember to reapply if outside very long—especially after lunch.) Daily Shield 30 is for those who need to moisturize more, and not as much heavy sun protection. (For instance, during the cold weather season.)

In Summary

Science has proven over time that the sun’s rays can be both a blessing and a curse. Therefore, moderating your exposure is the best policy. Some sunlight is clearly good! Too much is toxic in the short term and can cause cancer and advanced/premature aging in the long term. HOWEVER, TOO LITTLE VITAMIN D3 CAN INCREASE YOUR CANCER RISK FOR ALL ORGANS—breast, colon, lung, prostate, skin, etc, etc.


If you are pediatric age, have kidney problems, are pregnant or nursing, or have glandular problems (endocrine), consult with your doctor prior to optimizing your Vitamin D3 intake. Be aware that most, but not all, practicing doctors follow practices similar to the above. If your doctor does not recommend Vitamin D3, get a second or even a third opinion.

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