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Summer Skin Tips


Hot sweaty weather can flare acne bumps and cause break outs. The sun can help! Get some cautious mid day rays of the sun—just 10- 20 minutes per day (depending on how dark your complexion is) directly on the face (protect the eyes). The ultraviolet kills surface bacteria and enhances vitamin D production for healthier skin. Also cleansing better and more often helps sweat induced acne (athletes need this all year round). LYTIC GEL CLEANSER by Epionce is the most thorough and also the most gentle facial cleanser that I have found—by far! Use my technique to wash your face for best results and best economy: dry face (no water prior to gel cleanser—even if makeup is on), lightly wet your hands, put one pump of LYTIC GEL CLEANSER into one damp palm and rub together with the other damp palm to get a light lather, then rub into the face firmly with continual circular and sweeping motions, do this vigorously for ONE FULL MINUTE, rinse vigorously with a wet washcloth. This gets all the dirt, grease and dead skin cells off without traumatic exfoliation techniques. Do this cleansing once to three times daily, depending on how oily and/or sweaty your complexion is. Get this from and get the FREE shipping # from my website.


We are bothered by bites only to the degree we are allergic to the saliva of the particular bug. For mild reactions producing itch and red bumps, try cold packs and 1% hydrocortisone (OTC) cream every hour until better. Avoiding hot environments will help also. For larger, more aggressive red swollen reactions, see a doctor who can prescribe a cortisone topical that is 100 times stronger than OTC. My favorite is Lidex gel three times a day. This kills the bite in 24 hr or less.


Plant allergies are due to surface exposure of invisible plant oils onto the skin. Then after a few hours to a few days the red intensely itchy bumps and blisters begin to appear. Without cortisone to calm the inflammation this can take weeks to resolve, and severe cases can end up in the hospital. Again, ice packs and 1% hydrocortisone (OTC) cream applied every hour until better treat milder cases. Avoiding hot environments and plant re exposure are vital also, as well as avoiding harsh chemicals—bleach, alcohol, betadine and even calamine. For more severe cases, especially on face or genitals, see your doctor for prescription cortisone—pills, shots and/or topicals (like Lidex gel, see above). Finally, if you know you are allergic to poison ivy, or a variety of other poison plants, learn to identify the culprits and avoid them. If you sense you have gotten exposed, run inside your home ASAP, drop your clothes in the washing machine and get in the shower ASAP! Take an extended water shower first, rubbing and scrubbing your entire body thoroughly. Immediately after this use soap to do a thorough scrubbing. If you get the invisible plant substance off your skin within 1-2 hours of exposure, the allergic reaction will be very mild or nonexistent. Oral antihistamines like Benadryl at night and Zyrtec during the day can also help.

I hope you and your skin thoroughly enjoy this summer!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Benefits

Teen Acne vs. Adult Acne – Is There a Difference?

During the teen years there is ALOT going on. Hormones are on the prowl, stress is often high, without a lot of coping mechanisms developed, and diet is often poor. Let alone personal hygiene issues for most boys!  Well, how does the adult acne sufferer compare?

Amazingly similar, aren’t they??  Exceptions include, hopefully, some stress-reducing habits of regular exercise, good diet and adequate rest. However, the perfect storm is very similar for this chronic unsightly, sometimes painful defacings of our personal billboards (faces).

WHAT CAN BE DONE?  Some very simple reminders!  (Remember Mom?)

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