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COLOSTRUM powder from Sovereign Labs is now available to ORDER HERE!
Just mail your check for $85 to:
PO BOX 470324
TULSA, OK 74147
A 16oz bag of oral bovine powder will be shipped Priority Mail to your home. This lasts the average adult about 2 months. Good for children too.
No returns or refunds.
R.S. After just 3 weeks of use this man is 90-95% improved from chronic daily diarrhea. He is also beginning to feel better in his overall health.
L.J. at 8y.o. was not growing and had so many food intolerances that he didn’t want to eat. He was very thin and very small for his age—wanting to play sports with his friends, but not able to do much. After 8 months of Colostrum he has grown inches in height and nearly doubled his weight and scored 2 goals at his recent soccer game!
SEE AUGUST AND SEPTEMBER BLOGS for details on the broad-spectrum health-restoring benefits of oral bovine Colostrum from Sovereign Labs.

After 1.5 years on Colostrum I am going through a renewal/restoration of my health and strength. As announced in last month’s blog I will retire again in mid January 2019. What’s next? I’m not sure. Please pray that I get in God’s will for my work, because I feel I have something left to do. And thanks to all the fine people in Northeastern Health Systems where I have been working for the past 2 years! Finally thank you readers and patients for your loyalty and friendship!!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
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