This is probably the most common condition, other than dry skin, that I will talk about. In fact on one end of the spectrum, it can be considered dry skin of the scalp (i.e. Dandruff). While on the other end of the spectrum it can be considered scalp Psoriasis. For our purposes we will define Seborrheic Dermatitis – also called Seborrhea – as everything from mild Dandruff to severe scalp Psoriasis. It manifests any time in life. Cradle cap occurs in newborns and SEB DERM often manifests in the elderly – stroke and Parkinson’s patients are especially prone.

What does it look and feel like? If mild, just asymptomatic flaking or dryness, usually confined to the scalp, face and ears. As it worsens redness appears with the flakes. Sometimes a greasy oily surface texture can also be present. Severe cases can have itching, burning and even discolorations in darker skinned people. Rarely SEB DERM can spread to the central chest and groin/anogenital regions. Eyebrows and ear canals are very common locations.

What causes it? Several factors are at play. Hereditary risk is a major concern. Ask if anyone in your family ever suffered from bad Dandruff or Psoriasis or Eczema. (This entire spectrum of inflammatory skin and scalp conditions are certainly interconnected.) Stress is a major factor in onset and subsequent flaring cycles. Finally, many now believe that yeast microbes play a role. Diet and hygiene round out the rest of the causative factors, but they play more subtle, long term roles.

Now for the BEST PART–let’s get the SEB DERM better, maybe even put it into remission!  Topical therapy includes various shampoos for the scalp, and lotions & creams for the face and ears. These require maintenance to continue to be effective. Oral therapy like over the counter LOMA LUX Psoriasis can be even more effective–making the SEB DERM completely go away.

First, let’s cover external applications. EPIONCE INTENSIVE NOURISHING CREAM, preceded by EPIONCE BALANCING TONER is excellent for easily irritated dry prone facial skin.  Use it once to twice per day. Cleanse first with EPIONCE GENTLE FOAMING CLEANSER. If the complexion is opposite–oily and acne prone, cleanse twice daily with EPIONCE LYTIC GEL CLEANSER.  Follow this with EPIONCE LYTIC TONER &/or EPIONCE LYTIC PLUS LOTION.
Several medicated shampoos can help control the scalp.  Ketoconazole OTC shampoo and zinc shampoo (like Head & Shoulders) are good–especially if rotated back and forth monthly.

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Internal OTC treatment can be added to the above for the GREATEST EFFECTIVENESS.  LOMA LUX Psoriasis is an oral once daily unique mineral remedy that can balance and heal from the inside. This can take 2–5 months of daily dosing, but can really pay off in reducing disease severity–sometimes even getting the SEB DERM into a long term remission–one that can turn it off for months to years without any maintenance efforts.

SEB DEM is one of my favorite things to treat because it is usually so responsive to good care. Be patient and persistent and let me know how you do!

P.S. Remember to continue all treatment for an extra month after all symptoms are gone. This helps lock it into a solid remission.  Finally, REMEMBER HIS BENEFITS. Psalms 103.