A lot of people have these conditions and think they just have dry skin. However, ECZEMA and ATOPIC DERMATITIS are in a family of allergic mediated conditions called atopy. Sometimes rhinitis(hay fever) or asthma can be present also. The immune system is activated which results in inflammation. That’s what causes the itch and scratch. Sometimes the skin cracks and lets bacteria in which results in staph infection. This will cause major worsening manifested by scabs, drainage, pustules and crusting. Itching and scratching gets a lot worse also.

Here are my recommendations:

1. Infrequent bathing. Every 2nd to 3rd day if possible, especially in cold weather.
2. Avoid sweating as much as possible.
3. Use gentle hypoallergenic products–unscented Dove soap, or better yet liquid Cetaphil cleanser. Avoid bubble bath, chemicals and fragrances. No shampoo in tub.
4. Add Dead Sea salts (1 cup) and Epson salts (1cup) to the bath and soak for about 10–15 minutes. Obtain salts in bulk cheaply through www.saltworks.com.
5. Get out and immediately towel dry and apply following:
a. EPIONCE Balancing Toner all over.
b. Follow with EPIONCE Extreme Barrier Cream to worst areas.
c. Apply EPIONCE Renewal Enriched Body Lotion to milder areas.
6. Non bath applications. At least twice daily (am and pm even if not bathing), toner needs to be applied followed by EPIONCE Cream or lotion above. Also try EPIONCE Medical Barrier Cream for maintenance as it ministers to the underlying genetic defect (a weak outer barrier layer of the skin). This can prevent problems before they arise!

Even if this is a BIG PROBLEM now, there IS HOPE!! After being consistent with the above protocol for several months, maintaining tight control, often this goes into remission. Kids often grow out of this tendency.

Diet can often help–especially with very young children. See an Allergist if you suspect diet triggers. Also consider a gluten free diet. This needs at least a six month trial.

An oral medication called LOMA LUX ECZEMA should be tried if the topical protocol doesn’t go far enough in the healing process. This natural remedy can soften the overall texture and reduce the severity. See a doctor if signs of infection become apparent.

Chronic illnesses are difficult due to forgetting and discouragement. YOU HAVE TO BECOME YOUR OWN COACH AND MAKE YOURSELF DO IT!!! I am praying for you. YOU CAN DO IT!