I want to report to my faithful patients who have followed me during my 34 year career in Eastern Oklahoma that I am beginning something NEW. I will be taking care of Veterans at the OKC VA Hospital Dermatology Clinic. I will miss all of you from my prior practices! I hope you understand that I am at a stage in my career where I am led to serve our Oklahoma Veterans.

Needing a good dermatologist? I have Good News for you! There is a wonderful dermatology practice birthed in Tulsa in November 2018—IN MY OLD OFFICE ON 41 ST STREET NEAR BISHOP KELLY—which many of you still remember. Doctors Robert and Allison Fischer, a married couple, have restored my office there, which is looking very familiar! They are very nice and very professional—both from the Tulsa area. I have gotten to know them. Their credentials are impeccable, and they aim to please. Best thing is that they are one-stop shopping: they do it all—regular skin visits, Full Body Skin Exams, cosmetic procedures and all types and sizes of skin cancer removals! Their office is called SOUTHSIDE DERMATOLOGY, and the address is 5801 E. 41 st Street, Tulsa, OK. Their phone is 918-760-0700. I encourage
you to call them and give them a try. I think they are a “good fit” for my faithful patients.

More GOOD NEWS: The EPIONCE SALE currently running will go through May 10. This features 20% OFF of Intense Defense Serum and Intensive Nourishing Cream—PLUS A FREE MINI tube of each product you order! For FREE SHIPPING always include my skin consultant # 20030213 when ordering online at www.epionce.com.
Or you can call 1-866-374-6623 and tell them Dr Smith sent you to get FREE SHIPPING!

Now exciting NEWS regarding colostrum powder—which is the best supplement in the world to bring balance to your immune system, help your gut, skin and every other organ in your body, CONSISTENTLY over time. The NEWS? There is NOW A STRONGER VERSION available! PRO—Liposomal Delivery Colostrum Powder from Sovereign Labs has more concentrated vital nutrients (Growth Hormones, Immunoglobulins and other restorative molecules) and greater volume of liposomal
absorption. Even better it is the SAME PRICE as the product previously used.

Have it shipped to your door by sending a check for $85 for one 16 oz vanilla flavored package, or $160 for two packages. Mail check made out to Dr Smith and include your shipping address to:

Dr. Smith
PO BOX 470324
Tulsa, OK 74147
See my prior BLOGS on Colostrum from MARCH 11, NOVEMBER, SEPTEMBER AND
AUGUST. Also see the educational website www.sovereignhealthinitiative.org.

I would love to stay connected to my faithful patients and following via this website.
Please continue to read my blogs and send your questions, comments and testimonies to the PO BOX above. As always I pray your healings and restorations COME QUICKLY!!

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 All His Benefits


Two of my favorite EPIONCE products are on SALE during APRIL! They are:

Intense Defense Serum $108 sale price
Intensive Nourishing Cream $86 sale price

These have great botanical sources of active ingredients and are incredibly rich.
They are great for individual use, but WHEN used together they complement each
other and multiply their effectiveness greatly. If using together, remember to use
the Serum first, followed by the Cream 5-10 minutes later. Use these on the face,
neck and décolleté.

For FREE SHIPPING always include Dr. Smith’s identifying # 20030213 on your
internet order at www.epionce.com. Or for personalized service you can call
1-866-374-6623 and tell them Dr. Smith sent you to get FREE SHIPPING.
I hope you are enjoying GREAT HEALTH & BEALUTIFUL SKIN!! Send me your
testimonials, and I will try to share them! (With your initials only.)

Send to:
Dr. Smith
P.O. Box 470324
Tulsa, OK 74147

Steven A. Smith, MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Benefits


This pre-milk nutrient is so concentrated with immune enhancements that it is ESSENTIAL for newborn survival in most mammals. Animal colostrum has been used for millennia as a natural remedy for many diseases, and as a natural anti- aging tonic. Looking younger is one thing, but feeling better is more desirable. Turning back a chronic debilitating disease is THE BEST!

I have personally used Sovereign Labs Bovine Colostrum for over two years, and I continue to get better and better in my bout with Chronic Lyme Disease. I have no residual brain fog (which used to be continuous, often severe) and fewer, less severe headaches. Not to mention more energy and much greater physical endurance. The biggest BONUS is that my relationships are much happier and sweeter, as my pain, anger and frustration have dissipated greatly! I have shared patient and family testimonies in prior blogs—see August, September and November. Here is a miracle story: A 63y.o. man with locally metastatic skin cancer that had spread into the sinuses and eye/brain tissue survived near fatal Radiation Therapy doses. He had 19 extensive skin/soft tissue/bone surgeries with heroic/miraculous repairs and recoveries. He is now FREE OF CANCER for two years due to the POWER OF GOD and his wife’s prayers and faith. However, he was still very weak and debilitated overall, with continuing severe pain and brain fog. Basically, his health was broken down, and he not bouncing back.

Well, he started taking Sovereign Colostrum and has been on it for seven months. He has progressively improved since that moment: less pain and brain fog, more energy and endurance, and gaining weight with more joy and hope and productivity than he has had in years!! PRAISE THE GOD OF HEAVEN, WE GIVE HIM ALL THE GLORY!!!
This man had tried a multitude of other nutrients given to him from well-wishers, none of which helped. Believe me, COLOSTRUM IS NOT A FAD. It is a God-send for a number of problems that modern medicine has not conquered—gut issues, immune system deficiencies, chronic infections, chronic inflammations, accelerated degenerative diseases, etc. (It is also used widely for ant-aging concerns and for increased athletic performance.)

Sovereign Labs is the best absorbed and purest Colostrum available. They pioneered the original modern day product many years ago. They are a very compassionate company too. Their marketing model is to sell only through health- care providers. YOU CAN GET THIS GOOD TASTING ORAL POWDER FROM Dr SMITH. Send a check for $85 to cover a 16oz bag of powder—lasting the average adult 1-2 months. Send your check and shipping address to:

Dr Smith
PO BOX 470324
Tulsa, OK 74147

For two bags send a check for $160. Take one heaping teaspoon twice daily on an empty stomach with two oz of water (first AM and last PM—wait 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything other than water). After two weeks go to two heaping teaspoons twice daily, and after another two weeks, go to one heaping tablespoon twice daily. Stay on this as long as your health keeps improving—mine did until about 18 months when it leveled off. Then go to once daily for long term maintenance. REMEMBER, COLOSTRUM MAKES THE CONTROL SYSTEMS OF YOUR BODY HEALTHIER/MORE RESILIENT. DON’T GET OFF OF IT AND LET YOUR HEALTH DECLINE AGAIN!!

GI (gut) issues are the quickest to respond (weeks). Neurological issues can take longer (months). Many other organs respond at an intermediate pace, such as sinuses and lungs. KEEP GOING! In summary, we should view Colostrum as the original Tonic/Elixer. The one God invented for the newborn, who needs EXTRA HELP getting started in the cold cruel world. Colostrum is that nutrient-rich “pre-milk”. It contains so many immune system boosting substances, like Immunoglobulins (Ig G, A, M, D, E), Growth Hormones (Ig F1, Ig F2, Transforming Growth Factor, Epithelial Growth Factor, etc., and many other nutrients that help the derailed guidance systems of your body get back on track!

Steven A. Smith MD, Dermatology
Psalms 103 Healing Benefits

Please remember to order your EPIONCE skin care products through my name, Dr. Steven Smith, calling 1-866-374-6623, OR from www.epionce.com with my special skin consultant # 20030213. This will get you FREE SHIPPING, and I will get to stay in touch with my friends and following.

P.S. – Please send me your testimonies on Colostrum and Epionce and other treatments!

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